LAUNCH was a music and arts festival held at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento, CA. Through the course of a week, artists and designers from music, fine art, design and fashion descended on the city for a celebration of creative culture. The 2013 lineup included performances by artists like Imagine Dragons, Girl Talk, and Minus the Bear, while the city itself hosted runway shows, art events, dance parties and more.

From loud dancefloors to quiet art galleries, from hotel lobbies to city parks, LAUNCH Festival 2013 took over the city of Sacramento. The experience of the festival was catalogued through social media under the tag #launchsacramento, and here’s a few highlights!

With musical guests, world-renowned designers, local artists and a spirit of collaboration that extended city-wide, LAUNCH 2013 was a whole lot of fun. Here are a few shots from a few talented photographers:

Launch Festival

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