We’re the Wurst.

Lowbrau Beirhalle is a Sacramento restaurant and beer bar that opened in 2013. The restaurant sources the finest traditional, gourmet and exotic sausages from across the region and offers a wide selection of German, Belgian and American craft beers. When the bar’s founders Michael Hargis and Clay Nutting (who just so happen to be two of Sacramento’s most exciting public figures) reached out to Band across the great left coast for some help with branding, we packed our bags and headed down to sunny California to lend a hand.

The Lowbrau project has become a ton of fun to work on. From puns about wieners (Lowbrau is the Best of the Wurst!) to massive scale drawings on butcher paper (Interested in that one? Check it out!), sold-out live shows on New Years Eve to more fun restaurants planned in the future, Lowbrau and its founders are genuinely invested in giving back to their community. By working closely with Clay, Michael and the rest of the LB family, we helped curate and develop a space that is not only gorgeous inside, but has become a big part of the neighborhood.

The preceding photos were taken by the incredibly talented Chantel Elder.

The following photos were taken for Imbibe Magazine by the also incredibly talented Erin Alderson.


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