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Portland Bee Balm is a locally-made lip balm company owned and operated by our friend Brad Swift. Since their inception, the company has grown from a hobby to a full-fledged operation with products in hundreds of local, national and soon-to-be international stores, shops and markets. Having operated successfully for a number of years, the team behind P.B.B. reached out to Band for help in an update of their aesthetic.

The challenge of refreshing the brand identity of Portland Bee Balm was ensuring that the products didn’t lose their wonderfully D.I.Y. attitude that has been a key to the company’s success. To date, tubes of Portland Bee Balm are number-one selling products at a variety of different retail venues. By utilizing wooden paper, quirky hand-drawn characters and more, we built Portland Bee Balm a new visual identity to bee proud of.

We first updated the company’s aesthetic. After tightening the product’s branding, we applied the new icons to a variety of items needed for growth. From boxes to handouts, order forms to new websites, we were busy.

In stores, Portland Bee Balm displays products in gorgeous wooden cases.
For years, these were painstakingly painted by hand, and slowly updated.

These days, the displays are produced locally using laser fabrication.

Today, the company continues to grow, and has retail locations worldwide.

We are excited to see what the future of Bee Balm looks like!

Portland Bee Balm

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