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The Portland Made Collective is a self-sustaining community of manufacturers that advocates and supports its members by providing education, a shared resource hub, and a brand which promotes their goods to expand their reach locally and globally. As a non-profit, PMC exists to serve the urban manufacturing community of Portland, a goal that fell directly in line with Band’s ethics and values.

By working together with PMC, we were able to develop a brand system that gave a strong identity to the collective and its public presence. But our work with Portland Made didn’t stop there. After becoming involved with the non-profit, we felt compelled to take on more roles within the company. During its startup phase, we served as board members, managing member and public communications through marketing.

About Portland Made: Video Produced by Megamouth.

PMC Online

For Portland Made’s online presence, we worked with a local developer who offers a membership management software system called Presspoint. This software allowed us to maximize knowledge about our reader base, and cater to them more effectively. The collective’s website became a story-sharing platform, where we worked more with Megamouth and a team of talented writers and photographer to build an engaging web presence across a variety of media platforms.

Portland Makers

For our membership program, PMC partnered with our friends at Supportland. PMC Members are given access to branded deliverables to help market their wares as Portland Made Collective Members.

Additionally, the general public can sign up to receive a PMC-branded Supportland card to help support Portland-area manufacturers while shopping local.

PMC Party

When the collective was ready to launch, we knew we had to throw a party. So we invited the town, had the mayor speak and even had a kind word video-fed in from Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Portland Made Co.

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