Determining the Bridge District

TBD Fest is a Music, Art, Design and Food festival that celebrated its first successful year in the fall of 2014 on the riverbank of West Sacramento.

Band worked with the TBD team to pitch the event around town. After a ton of work and who knows how many meetings, TBD Fest was a go.

Sticking to a geometric grid and pattern, we developed out a unique type-set for a variety of festival applications.

After over half a year of research and development, planning, design, coding, print, promotions and marketing, it was showtime. TBD was booked, set and ready for launch.

We flew down to California and were delighted to find that Sacramento was still enjoying a round of hot, summery, shorts-weather, even in October. Here’s some shots we took.

The festival was a smashing success.

Each day was documented by a the talented TBD team.
You can check it out in these video recaps:

TBD Festival

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